Liquid Sun

Solar Energy for Water

liquid sun

Liquid Sun, thanks to it's application to the solar pumping, is able to maximize the photovoltaic energy value, by means of it's complete local consumption.

Liquid Sun originate from the collaboration of Fototherm and Mac3 Mac3, two innovative Italian realities.

To the renewable energy competencies of Fototherm, it's added the thirty year experience of Mac3 in the hydraulic sector.

Our competences, grown in the photovoltaic field, join to the electronic ones of Mac3, applied to the hydraulic sector. The result is enthusiastic, the approach is original.

We are able to compose the best solution, for using the renewable energy from the sun, in the liquid transport (clean water for irrigation or swimming pools, wastewater for the depuration or landfills, etc.).

Our slogan is “the sun becomes water”, where the name Liquid Sun comes from. Our technical solutions allow to transfer all the energy directly to the liquid movement, without the electrical grid connection.

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